Police Blotter: Fake $100 Bill Works The First Time, But Not 2 Hours Later; Woman Shoots Herself In The Hand With Husband's Revolver

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Police said a clerk at the Mapco on Rossville Boulevard gave change for a fake $100 bill, but the ruse did not work a second time. The clerk said a black female with long black hair came in and purchased a pack of Newport cigarettes with a $100 bill. She gave the woman $94.03 in change and the woman then left in a small green car. It was not until later that employees discovered the bill was a fake, and clearly marked with "It's not the money - it's a joke." The clerk said a couple hours later the same vehicle returned and another unidentified black female came in and attempted to purchase some chicken with the same kind of fake $100 bill. Police said employees "did not give the subject anything or allow the purchase to go through the second time however."

* * *

Police were told by a woman that an unknown white male in a gray Impala registered to Robert Oliver cursed her husband out after the husband caught him leering at her. The man began cursing at them as they began walking away but fled when they told him they were calling police, she reported. 

* * *

A woman on Nandena Drive said she called police becaused she thought that she heard someone in her basement. Turns out, it was just her washing machine washing a comforter.

** *

Jose Calvillo said a company trailer had been stolen from a work site at Mountain Creek Road. The trailer held approximately 100 specialty cedar timber planks measuring 2x2x8. These planks were marked with green, red and pink markings. The trailer was left locked but unattended. When the work crew returned to the site they discovered it had been taken. A resident of a nearby apartment complex came forward and said she witnessed a white Ford F-150 hook up the trailer and drive from the scene. The truck was occupied by two white males.

* * *

Officers were sent to handle a disorder on Birmingham Drive. Upon arrival the complainant said an ex-lover of her husband's had shown up at the residence causing a disorder. However, she had left prior to police arrival.

* * *

A woman said she pulled up to pump #4 at the East Brainerd Road Kangaroo Express, then walked in the store. She looked back and saw a white male and a brown hair brown-eyed white female get into her vehicle and drive off. The doors were unlocked and the key was in the 2005 Saturn L300. The vehicle headed off down North Concord Road. The front driver side fender is cracked. It has an Alabama dealer tag. The suspects were hanging out around a vehicle that was parked to the left of hers, she said. After the suspects left the woman got into the vehicle that the suspects were near so it would not drive off. The driver of that car was Steven Goldberg and one of the passengers was Carl Smart. Goldberg said he picked up the two suspects along with Carl in East Ridge. He brought them over to the gas station. He said he did not know the people's names. Smart said he did not know the two suspects. He said he thinks their names are Sarah and Jason. He said they are homeless and were going to try and bum some money at the gas station.

* * *

At the Speedway on East 3rd Street, a woman said she had come there with a friend at about 6 pm. While she was inside the store, she said that the friend was upset with her and had put her belongings out of his car and had placed them onto the ground and he then drove off. When she came out of the store, the victim saw the suspect picking up her belongings and putting them into a small gray Kia. The suspect then drove off with the belongings.

* * *

An officer went to a residence on 12th Avenue and made contact with Tommy Shipley, who said his car has been stolen. After speaking with the officer for a few minutes, he looked out his back window noticing his vehicle parked in the back of the house. He "quickly realized he had forgotten where he parked his vehicle."

* * *

A resident of South Crest Road said someone entered his 2006 Chrysler 300 and stole his golf equipment. He says the car was parked in his driveway, and he found no damage to the vehicle. He listed the clubs as all being Callaway clubs (16) with a total cost of at least $1,900. He said the clubs were in a black golf bag, brand unknown, valued at $180. He said that five of the clubs had golf club socks valued at $60. He also said his club pull cart ($175) was taken along with a new pair of Under Armor golf shoes ($200) and his Garmin golf range finder $180.

* * *

Police responded to Memorial Hospital emergency Room 5 to speak with a female patient. She told police that she was at home when she thought she heard someone on her back porch so she retrieved her husband's revolver. She said she is unfamiliar with guns and she grasped the pistol with one hand around the barrel and attempted to cock the hammer back. However, she only half cocked the pistol and, upon releasing the hammer, the pistol fired with the bullet grazing her left hand and leaving small powder burns. Police "suspect no foul play at this time and no reasons to doubt her story." 


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